Social media is a great marketing tool. Its wide access and social interaction have improved the enthusiasm in Ping Pong as a game. Ping Pong is not a popular game in other continents apart from the Asian continent, most of them play table tennis with family []. The social media has played an important role in popularizing the game. The importance of social media in improving the love of ping pong include

Increasing traffic to ping pong websiteshybr

The social media platforms have various tools integrated on the sites to allow customers to have access to ping pong sites. The increase in traffic to the sites become leads which show interest in the game. The long-term effect is improved a number of people interested in the game. Ping Pong novices can also use the YouTube videos to learn the rules and regulations of the game. They can also watch pre-recorded game as a way to gain the popularity of the game among them.

Social interaction

Social media is a powerful tool for social interaction and knowledge base. You get to have  firm hand information on Ping Pong stakeholders and answer queries concerning the game. The conversion rate would be high because of addressing various concerns and encouraging customers to try engaging in the game.

Enhanced Ping Pong recognition

A ping Pong social media site acts as a platform to inform its followers on events, quotes, benefits of Ping Pong and any other relates news. This improves Ping Pong recognition as a brand.  Active participation on the site with the customers by responding to concerns, appreciating their presence and any other informal interaction makes the followers feel valued. To reciprocate, their interest towards the game is more vibrant. The social media manager can capitalize on this to promote the game among its followers.

Popularized the game

Social media has a higher influence on customer loyalty compared to traditional media. The informal setup of social media platforms maintain customers as well as attract more customers who might use their own networks to spread the word. A ping Pong social media site might have a high flow of traffic because of continuous positive posts, sharing facility and product links will enhance the customer base

Acts as an opportunity for ping pong growth as interested parties

Social media posts, images, videos and informational product links attract following on the page. If interesting, it turns to viral posts with many shares. Of course, not every follower will be a customer but a small percentage will develop an interest in the game. Continuous posts and shares will increase the conversion percentage and further increase the number of Ping Pong enthusiasts.

Tremendous change in attitude for conversion

Social media has given marketing a new concept. The nature of human being is the love for social proof than companies. The fact that Ping Pong companies have a social media presence, interested parties have a change of attitude towards the game. This leads to more conversion rate from leads to players.