Technical Differentiation

Collaborative Discovery combines ideas from brainstorming, social media, and an unlikely source — robotics — into a new process that uses dynamic visualization and analytic algorithms to rapidly filter insightful solutions based on input from thousands of participants. Collaborative Discovery:

  • Explicitly quantifies bias to analyze and understand underlying social relationships.
  • Guides social collaboration in a scalable interactive visualization by arranging users and their ideas as points in a space.
  • Performs multidimensional analysis on key metrics specified by the enterprise to display patterns and trends as they emerge.
  • Uses state-of-the-art reputation algorithms and continuous-value slider ratings to truly unlock collective intelligence and provide real-time insights.

Opinion Space

An initial version of the system, called “Opinion Space,” was developed, tested, and refined at UC Berkeley. An Opinion Space on the Department of State website has attracted thousands of participants from around the world to contribute, visualize, and review constructive new ideas regarding US Foreign Policy. You can visit the system at state gov. News related to Opinion Space can be viewed on the press page.

4 Tips To Promote Radar Detectors On Social Media

Radar detectors are crucial for your cars. During long journeys or on a casual long drive, you can save yourself from the hands of the law Many people love to drive their cars at high speed. They don’t follow the rules of the traffic. Hence, police use speed guns to detect the speed of these cars.

If they see any violation of the rules than they arrest the driver. To avoid all these unnecessary situations, you can use radar detectors. These detectors can tell you about the speed gun and your day can be saved.
But, many people don’t know about these detectors. So, it’s necessary to promote these (radar) detectors. Social media is a powerful place. You can promote (radar) detectors on social media. Through social media marketing, you can reach millions of people.


4 Tips To Promote Radar Detectors On Social Media
1. By Creating Ads
Ads can grab lots of attention. You can create attractive ads to promote these detectors. The best part of the ad is that it can reach to many people quickly. Moreover, ads can also be based to target people. For example – A person who is interested in cars, can see your ad. That’s why ads are an effective way of promotion. Apart from that, the ads on social media are not so costly. So, you can save money and you can promote your (radar) detectors.

2. By Making Useful Videos
Videos on social media are truly popular You can make some useful videos on the radar detectors. Your videos should focus on the bright sides of these detectors.

The promotional videos will cost you almost nothing. But if you make a perfect video then your video will be shared millions of times. Social media is full of active users. These users will watch your video and they will share. You just have to show the benefits of using (radar) detectors and how it can save people.

3. By Building Pages
The social media allows you to build your own page for marketing purposes. This is a wonderful feature of social media. On your page, you can promote the radar detectors in different ways. You can share images, videos, and contents based on the detectors.

Through your page, you can connect to a wide range of people. Moreover, this promotional page is free to use. You can interact with people and you can make them understand the useful features of (radar) detectors. This will develop people’s interest in the detectors (radar).

4. By Running Contests or Quizzes
Usually, quizzes or contests may seem boring. But on social media, they have an important place. You can create some easy and interesting contests on social media. You can also reward people at the end of your contests. This can be an interesting and exciting way to promote (radar) detectors.

To conclude, it can be said that you should know the traffic rules for legality. But, sometimes you may forget those rules. At that time, these radar detectors can help you with the help of social media, you can promote these detectors. For successful promotion, you can follow the above tips.

Ways To Promote Electric Smokers In Different Digital Platforms

If there’s one way to promote or reach out to the world, it’s through the Internet. It is the fastest means through its endless possibilities of social media marketing, email marketing, and online marketing in general. This technology has helped people in promoting various products and courses, and it should also be done to promote electric smokers online.


Today, lots of people tend to use social networking sites daily. Millions of people use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Tumblr, etc. This is one way to reach out to the world, telling them about the great benefits of owning the electric smoker. A lot of people might not know the features of an electric smoker. People will need to realize that for customers to have a home cooked meal, the electric smoker is the way to go. But they might not know this unless they are being reached out to. They need to understand that the electric smoker has an automation system which can be used to schedule cooking periods where it automatically turns off once it’s time. Advertising this product and writing that as a feature is a green light! It is an easy way out that saves them from constantly checking if the meat or fish is already cooked or burnt due to forgetting to correct it.

Joining social media cooking groups and communities can help spread awareness about electric smokers. The promotional efforts will make people who want to make smoked dishes at home show interest in the product. By joining these groups, you can advertise by telling them how this one machine can be used to cook large food varieties- from smoked fish, vegetable, and Thanksgiving turkey. Also, one way to advertise electric smoker is through the use of social media ads. It helps achieve millions of views on the post about the electric smoker.


Sharing creative visual contents about the electric smoker can do it. Using images, videos, and various kinds of visual content have proven to be very useful on social media. YouTube is one of the most popular viewing platforms. A video of individual smoking meat using an electric smoker is good enough to promote the product. Right from the turning on of the electric smoker could attract customers. That starting point can make people see electric smokers as a way to skip the step of learning how to build and manage a fire in a traditional smoker. It rings a bell in customers heads about “time-saving” They won’t need to build and manage the fire.

Everyone wants a discount on a product. So, run deals and promo codes on social media! It is an excellent way to promote electric smoker. Providing exclusive deals to customers can keep them engaged all the time. On the website, doing “birthday specials” that give off 8% on the electric smoker for whoever is celebrating his or her birthday will keep customers determined to get that product. This is one great way to build online marketing. Running contests on social media can also attract attention. It is a subtle way of promoting electric smoker. It will drive awareness of the product.

Newsletters using emails is a good advertising method. Email marketing can help advertise the electric smoker to customers, especially those who bought a microwave, oven or even a traditional smoker from your store or through the website because they fall under the same utility category. An email stating why they should consider also getting an electric smoker will do. Telling them cold smoking and traditional barbeque can be done with the product makes them see the features and beauty of the product.

Interesting Facts About Pool Vacuum You Can Find Online

An automated pool cleaner, or a pool vacuum, is used to clear out debris or sediment from swimming pools with as little human intervention as possible. Using a pool vacuum will surely be a cheaper option in the long run, when compared to hiring a pool guy whom you’d need to pay every month. The internet is now home to almost every knowledge in the world and likewise, facts about the most uncommon things can be found on it Here are some of the facts that can be found on the internet of a pool vacuum.

1. These robotic pool vacuums are designed to be used inside water, hence, their bodies are fully made waterproof. They do not need to be supervised by a someone while it removes the dirt and sedimentary particles from the swimming pool’s water. Due to this, these type of vacuums are the only ones made specifically for swimming pools and is advised not to be used for other purposes.
2. A pool vacuum comes with two motors built inside, both powered by a transformer. The transformer should be kept at least a 100 feet away from the vacuum itself; many prefer to keep it on their deck. One of the motor’s job is to suck in the water and filter it out from dirt using a filter bag. Once the water is clean, the vacuum releases the water. The other motor is used to run the pool vacuum itself. This particular motor has brushes attached to the back and front of the device that helps clean the bottom of the pool, as well as the sides of it Some newer and later models now come with the function to clean the pool’s steps.
3. These pool vacuums for hidden swimming pool also come with a microchip installed inside them that is programmed to the motors. The chip allows the pool vacuum cleaner to turn around when it reaches one of the walls, which results in the device being totally automated, not needing help.
4. That vacuum cleaner also comes with a sensor that moves it back when hit by a wall. The sensor also detects when the pool is fully clean and automatically turns off the vacuum. During this time, it goes through a cleaning cycle, making sure all the water is clean. Moving while switch off saves power.
5. Some of the models of these vacuum cleaners come with brushed made of polyvinyl alcohol. This allows the device’s brushes to resist both oil and dirt in the pool, increasing the lifespan of the rubber.
6. Though pool vacuums are easy to maintain, they may have a higher initial cost that starts at $500 and can go up to $2000.
7. The automated pool cleaner was derived from the idea of water filtration. Cistern cleaners during early times are also said to have contributed to the cleaners we use today. These are some of the many facts found on the internet related to pool vacuums. It really is surprising that something not so common among people is common enough on the Internet that it has its own facts published.

Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool for Your Dog Product


Facebook is not just the reigning number 1 social media website, it has also grown to be a leading choice for businesses to market themselves. As a dog product owner, here are some ways to make use of it.

Maximize Your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook page can be an effective free marketing tool for your dog product business. Your page can make your business identify itself—not only with listing product offerings, but also by sharing links, photos, and Facebook posts on a page that you can customize, allowing you to input your business’s character and personality.

Your business page on Facebook is also an amazing site to improve the identity of your brand, and showcase your human side. This social networking site is where you can be a little bit causal, and even be funny. If you’re selling dog food, you can post funny videos like this:

Basically, you need to consider first what your target audience prefer to see or read. You can post several images, links, videos, whatever you want to post, considering that they’re all connected to your dog product business and that your audience will enjoy at the same time.

Aside from funny videos of their owners teasing dogs with how they ate all the food in the fridge, a pet store that specializes in dog food can also post a content on how to measure the amount of food to be given to different ages of dogs, how many times you should feed your dog a day, what type of dog food should a certain breed of dog should eat, and etc. Asking yourself if it is safe for dogs to eat or is mango safe for dogs? Also, making sure that you are giving him the right dog glucosamine. A pleasant combination of comedy, educational resources, and content about your store updates is a great way to use a Facebook business page.


Facebook Advertising: Typical Advertisements

Facebook has its own form of advertising using their own Facebook advertisements that show in the side columns of their site (such as Reviews of vacuum for pet hair, funny posts, other dog products, and etc.) These typical advertisements are considered to more particularly as Marketplace advertisements. These ads consist of a headline, an image, and a click through the link to another Facebook page, app, or an external website.

Apply Facebook advertising into your online marketing game plan is a probable method for growing likes or attracting clicks on your website.

Facebook Advertising features consist of the following:

  1. Demographic focusing by FB user data including age, location, interests, and education
  2. The capacity to establish advertisement budgets.
  3. Advertising trial where you can run several versions of advertisements in unison so you can compare designs and setup.
  4. Integrated advertisement performance measurement tools

Utilizing Facebook advertising to grow your Facebook page likes can be really advantageous. As a Facebook user gives your business page a “like”, they fundamentally turn into a follower of your page. Ultimately, everything you decide to post on your page will show on their FB news feed.

All of these lead to more users connecting with you and your business, building relationships that can result in several conversions in the near future.


Hosting Contests on Facebook

Another marketing strategy involving Facebook that can grow fans and brand awareness is by hosting Facebook contests, promotions, or sweepstakes.

While having a Facebook contest, make sure that you know that it can’t be hosted on Facebook alone. You must utilize a 3rd part app to create your business’s FB contest, then lead the users to the app from the Facebook page.


Online Marketing Strategy for Restaurant Owners


Even though the food is a constant demand, restaurants are booming from all over the world, and a lot of restaurant owners are having a hard time reaching their goal of the number of customers per day. Everyone knows success can only be done if you do exert more effort. In our digital era, the best version of doing more is taking advantage of the internet. Here are some great online marketing tips that will work for any restaurant.

Make a Website for Your Restaurant

An attractive, mobile-compatible, and easy-to-use website for your restaurant allows you to boast your mouthwatering menu, great place, and excellent service in the online world. Not only that, it can serve as your business’s major presence online, where people can easily find you, contact you, book reservation, and read engaging content associated with food and dining that they can share with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

Make Food Porn

Instagram is the most popular platform for toothsome, scrumptious-looking food porn. Debatably the best method to promote your restaurant to the online audience is through quality-made, mouthwatering photos of your food. Nowadays, visual content is very in demand. Therefore, having numerous photos of food from your menu on your website (and other online social accounts) is a very important to feed the hungry eyes. If you’re promoting a smoking kitchenware, you want to make your reader say, “I want to check this smoker’s feature!”

Create a Facebook Business Page

It’s totally free. If you want your restaurant diners to find your business online, establishing a local business page gives interested customers directions on how to get to your place. Your restaurant’s Facebook page is your master key to the website, marketing and promoting your business in the most populated social networking site in the world.

Sign Up for Online Communities

Tribal marketing allows restaurant owners to hear out the opinions of their customers, and really understand what they really need as a diner. You can sign up for communities online of food and drink lovers. They can be usually found on Facebook, LinkedIn, numerous forums, and other websites. To ensure you’ll turn into a precious member of the community, and for your brand to be promoted, there are things you need to remember. First of all, don’t forget to read the community rules, and follow them all the time. Also, only share valuable and related content, don’t blabber about anything else irrelevant. You can have a meaningful interaction with other members of the community by politely answering their questions, and aiding them with their own problems. Last but not the least, grow genuine friendships and relationships with the members of the community.

Set Up a Google Account

With “search” replaced with the word “Google”, there is no doubt that it is the winner of being the best and most sought out online search tool. But other than that, Google is also an effective aid to restaurant owners to run their dining business online. Some of their features you can use include Google Maps, Google+, YouTube, Google Analytics, and etc.

Review the Restaurant Reviewers

It is best if you keep track of review sites where customers usually collect info, and at the same time publish their thoughts about your restaurant. Some of the most famous restaurant review websites include TripAdvisor, Yelp, Zomato, and Foursquare. If you ever get a bad review, it could destroy your image. Don’t take that risk and make sure to monitor the sites I just mentioned.



Why convertkit is the best marketing automation software


Convertkit is new marketing software ideal for blogger and authors to promote content and follow up. It analyzes the effect of each toolkit and its ability to drive traffic. It is well designed with attention to details and functions. It indicates the efficiency and effectiveness of each marketing campaign tool. It also has other automation software tools that give it great positive reviews from customers. They include a user- friendly interface, sequential Email systems, marketing automation and integration of other web components.

User- friendly interface
Convertkit is a well-designed interface that is flexible and easy to use for both beginners and experts.  It has a flexible opt-in form that helps build subscriber lists and classify them in different funnels. The interface fits on the screen and can be changed to meet the user’s needs. Convertkit design and systems cannot allow you to miss opportunities like other marketing software like Mail Chimp.

Sequential Email systems

Compared to ActiveCampaign, with Convertkit a user can easily build marketing campaigns with different stages, the customers can carry out all these at a glance without much tiresome navigation. This is further made easy by the easily accessible menu ad sub- menus which highlight each and every function by just a click. This is an ideal feature for courses. An Email is detailed and elaborate, it indicates the date of the subscription, the date when the email was sent, any action taken by the customer. It is a powerful tool that helps in making a follow-up of the Email responses.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is a feature that is emphasized in Convertkit. It helps remind the customer to take action, or help make a decision to buy products hence increasing sales revenue. Research shows that a customized, educative and detailed Email sent at the right time can save a sale. Marketing automation provides an after-sales service follow up and upgrade a customer to another funnel. It also safeguards the customer from receiving pitch Emails.


Convertkit has advanced features, apart from just Email marketing, internet and affiliate marketing. It is integrated with word press to provide other additional functions. They include landing pages, order forms and opt- in all these helps complete a sale. The order forms are integrated with payment options to allow a customer to buy the product instantly through online banking facilities. These integrations enhance accessibility to members’ sites. It also has connections to other tools and services.

Marketing software cannot provide all functions in one toolkit. Each has strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Good marketing software has more strengths and opportunities as opposed to weaknesses and threats. Convertkit has hit the market with a boom due to the following aspects of the toolkit, additional functions, powerful, detailed and well- designed campaign tools, subscriber list management, lead generation integration, the ability of its Email passing filter toolsets and an easy to use interface. However according to customer reviews, compared to other toolkits it is expensive for a limited number of subscribers. It also lacks the ability for a free trial before someone makes an informed decision to purchase.