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The best social media marketing practices include customer research, competitor audit, developing a brand voice, and choosing the right time to make posts. You must also use the right planning and automation tools, promptly respond to customers, and make use of industry influencers or experts in your business.

Create marketing goals, use a social media calendar to create a plan, adopt the right image sizes for social media, and create a unique content strategy for each social network. Choose the best social channels for your business, define your tone and voice, and handle negative mentions with honesty.

Create high quality content, engage your audience on social media, and produce visual content for sharing. Assess your competition, develop content in various formats, create a plan for your social media campaigns, and use hashtags with lots of sense.

Best practices are a set of ethics, guidelines or ideas that give the most sensible and efficient ways of doing something.

These are rules that guide marketing on social media. For instance, you must do your research first, initiate conversations, customize content, and utilize direct messages properly.

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