Interesting Facts About Pool Vacuum You Can Find Online

An automated pool cleaner, or a pool vacuum, is used to clear out debris or sediment from swimming pools with as little human intervention as possible. Using a pool vacuum will surely be a cheaper option in the long run, when compared to hiring a pool guy whom you’d need to pay every month. The internet is now home to almost every knowledge in the world and likewise, facts about the most uncommon things can be found on it Here are some of the facts that can be found on the internet of a pool vacuum.

1. These robotic pool vacuums are designed to be used inside water, hence, their bodies are fully made waterproof. They do not need to be supervised by a someone while it removes the dirt and sedimentary particles from the swimming pool’s water. Due to this, these type of vacuums are the only ones made specifically for swimming pools and is advised not to be used for other purposes.
2. A pool vacuum comes with two motors built inside, both powered by a transformer. The transformer should be kept at least a 100 feet away from the vacuum itself; many prefer to keep it on their deck. One of the motor’s job is to suck in the water and filter it out from dirt using a filter bag. Once the water is clean, the vacuum releases the water. The other motor is used to run the pool vacuum itself. This particular motor has brushes attached to the back and front of the device that helps clean the bottom of the pool, as well as the sides of it Some newer and later models now come with the function to clean the pool’s steps.
3. These pool vacuums for hidden swimming pool also come with a microchip installed inside them that is programmed to the motors. The chip allows the pool vacuum cleaner to turn around when it reaches one of the walls, which results in the device being totally automated, not needing help.
4. That vacuum cleaner also comes with a sensor that moves it back when hit by a wall. The sensor also detects when the pool is fully clean and automatically turns off the vacuum. During this time, it goes through a cleaning cycle, making sure all the water is clean. Moving while switch off saves power.
5. Some of the models of these vacuum cleaners come with brushed made of polyvinyl alcohol. This allows the device’s brushes to resist both oil and dirt in the pool, increasing the lifespan of the rubber.
6. Though pool vacuums are easy to maintain, they may have a higher initial cost that starts at $500 and can go up to $2000.
7. The automated pool cleaner was derived from the idea of water filtration. Cistern cleaners during early times are also said to have contributed to the cleaners we use today. These are some of the many facts found on the internet related to pool vacuums. It really is surprising that something not so common among people is common enough on the Internet that it has its own facts published.

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