Automate your marketing with Ontraport

ontraportOntraport is a Customer relationship marketing (CRM) toolkit with comprehensive marketing component. It has comprehensive features that give solutions to business with tremendous results. The success of a business is determined by its ability to reach the target market and turn them into sales and further increase the company’s revenue.
Best features in Ontraport marketing
• Uses technology to reach targeted customers.
• Effective in making tools that create strong customer relations.
• It has customized Email template that can’t be filtered as spam.
• It has all customer information and data capitalizing it to create a suitable marketing business model.
• Able to track all campaign tools and their effectiveness.
• Monitors all marketing campaigns and evaluate the best which generate to sales.
• Sends Emails, text messages, postcards by just a click of a button.

Functions of Ontraport marketing
Marketing automation

Marketing functions are automated from email sending, postcard sending, text messaging and phone calls. In case a customer sends a reply there is an auto-response function. All these are done from a segmented list or even everybody on the Email list. This allows relaying information to the right group.

Email marketing
The Email infrastructure is comprehensive and systemized even for large volume mail lists. Apart from just sending emails and automatic acknowledgment of receipt, it is also able to know if the Email is read, action taken by the customer monitored. For customer queries, they are directed to the right department for fast action and further advice.

Text messaging
The two-way text messaging platform and web forms, it automatically acknowledges receipt and follows up through a phone call made through a notification alert feature to the relevant department. The toolkit can also send reminders, tips, and offers. All these information is sent to the right group through segmentation process.

Postcard marketing
It can send attractive and personalized postcards. It is ideal for offers, courses/training, and reminders. The editor can include images and graphics to give it an awesome look. The cards pass the filter and never lands in spam boxes, ensuring the customer receives and reads.

Affiliate marketing
Its powerful Marketing toolkit has a referrals and system partner management. The online payment option ensures the partners and affiliates receive their commission on time. This is done through internet marketing.

The toolkit allows tracking and monitoring of marketing campaign tools. The analysis helps to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of each campaign tool. This helps makes a decision on marketing tools that need to be retained or discarded. A company will know which tool to invest in and put more effort.
Any information passes to a prospect needs to be detailed and personalized. The links have identification for every visitor. Once the pages are opened, detailed information is relayed whether as a postcard or reminders or even courses and training.

Ontraport’s marketing component is the best in the market compared to the competition. Customer reviews are positive and give value for their money which is depicted by increased sales income for the company. It also has other components in the same toolkit.

The five wisest marketers of all time

The five wisest globally recognized marketers
Marketing is a great component that individual, small and medium level companies put a lot of emphasis to receive a higher percentage of the market share. It is a department that takes a higher percentage of the company’s annual budget allocation. They even go to the extent of outsourcing well renowned marketers to streamline and increase sales revenue through different marketing strategies. Globally there are several renowned marketers in different fields. They are endowed with vast experience over the years, as well as adapt well to the current advanced technology that drives marketing industry. Marlon Sander, Corey Rudi, Jay Abraham, Joe Vitale and Jaclyn Easton are top most recognized marketers discussed in this article.

Marlon Sander
Marlon Sander is a genius internet marketer on information products-newsletters, web marketing, and product design builder. He has made businesses grow to prosperity through his vast experience and skills in online marketing. He runs the following as part of his career in internet marketing training courses, information products, newsletters, magazines internet /affiliate marketing program. This has made him have a large following and a well sort after marketer by international companies. He is also an international speaker on internet marketing matters.

Corey Rudi
Carey Rudi is a website marketer with over $6mllion traffic flow of visitor annually. This has made it have a passive income of over $5.2 million annually in sales revenue. She runs a successful affiliate marketing program that is attributed to the high sales turnover. She has written several books that help marketers with different strategies on being great internet marketers. They include EBook pro, Associate, two-time affiliate program, secrets of marketing among others.

Jay Abraham
This is yet another California-based global renowned marketer, international speaker and author of several books. He is also a conference speaker who runs a multilevel marketing consulting firm called Abraham Group. Last year, Forbes featured him among the best global marketers. He runs successful affiliate programs that draw huge amounts of traffic, visitors and money annually.

Joe Vitale
Joe Vitale is a great marketer that moves masses with hid intriguing speeches. He is the author of “making money online” that is widely read and informative. His experience dates back from the early 90s, with a huge subscriber mailing list that has been successful in the marketing sector. He is an author of several other books in marketing.

Jaclyn Easton
She is the author of “striking rich” a book that gives a step by step guidance on marketing through her experiences. Her experience is based on the entertainment industry where she and the husband worked before. She draws $1 million annual revenue through her affiliate programs. Her blog that is full of memorable quotes has given marketing a different view of success.

Marketers are multipurpose individuals. Apart from just the affiliate programs they rich the masses through their books and motivational speeches that can be streamed live globally. From the experience of the five best marketers, it takes hard work, resilience and patience to be a successful marketer.