Collaborative Discovery combines ideas from brainstorming, social media, and an unlikely source — robotics — into a new process that uses dynamic visualization and analytic algorithms to rapidly filter insightful solutions based on input from thousands of participants. Collaborative Discovery:

  • Explicitly quantifies bias to analyze and understand underlying social relationships.
  • Guides social collaboration in a scalable interactive visualization by arranging users and their ideas as points in a space.
  • Performs multidimensional analysis on key metrics specified by the enterprise to display patterns and trends as they emerge.
  • Uses state-of-the-art reputation algorithms and continuous-value slider ratings to truly unlock collective intelligence and provide real-time insights.

Opinion Space

An initial version of the system, called “Opinion Space,” was developed, tested, and refined at UC Berkeley. An Opinion Space on the Department of State website has attracted thousands of participants from around the world to contribute, visualize, and review constructive new ideas regarding US Foreign Policy. You can visit the system at state gov. News related to Opinion Space can be viewed on the press page.