Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool for Your Dog Product


Facebook is not just the reigning number 1 social media website, it has also grown to be a leading choice for businesses to market themselves. As a dog product owner, here are some ways to make use of it.

Maximize Your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook page can be an effective free marketing tool for your dog product business. Your page can make your business identify itself—not only with listing product offerings, but also by sharing links, photos, and Facebook posts on a page that you can customize, allowing you to input your business’s character and personality.

Your business page on Facebook is also an amazing site to improve the identity of your brand, and showcase your human side. This social networking site is where you can be a little bit causal, and even be funny. If you’re selling dog food, you can post funny videos like this:

Basically, you need to consider first what your target audience prefer to see or read. You can post several images, links, videos, whatever you want to post, considering that they’re all connected to your dog product business and that your audience will enjoy at the same time.

Aside from funny videos of their owners teasing dogs with how they ate all the food in the fridge, a pet store that specializes in dog food can also post a content on how to measure the amount of food to be given to different ages of dogs, how many times you should feed your dog a day, what type of dog food should a certain breed of dog should eat, and etc. Asking yourself if it is safe for dogs to eat or is mango safe for dogs? Also, making sure that you are giving him the right dog glucosamine. A pleasant combination of comedy, educational resources, and content about your store updates is a great way to use a Facebook business page.


Facebook Advertising: Typical Advertisements

Facebook has its own form of advertising using their own Facebook advertisements that show in the side columns of their site (such as Reviews of vacuum for pet hair, funny posts, other dog products, and etc.) These typical advertisements are considered to more particularly as Marketplace advertisements. These ads consist of a headline, an image, and a click through the link to another Facebook page, app, or an external website.

Apply Facebook advertising into your online marketing game plan is a probable method for growing likes or attracting clicks on your website.

Facebook Advertising features consist of the following:

  1. Demographic focusing by FB user data including age, location, interests, and education
  2. The capacity to establish advertisement budgets.
  3. Advertising trial where you can run several versions of advertisements in unison so you can compare designs and setup.
  4. Integrated advertisement performance measurement tools

Utilizing Facebook advertising to grow your Facebook page likes can be really advantageous. As a Facebook user gives your business page a “like”, they fundamentally turn into a follower of your page. Ultimately, everything you decide to post on your page will show on their FB news feed.

All of these lead to more users connecting with you and your business, building relationships that can result in several conversions in the near future.


Hosting Contests on Facebook

Another marketing strategy involving Facebook that can grow fans and brand awareness is by hosting Facebook contests, promotions, or sweepstakes.

While having a Facebook contest, make sure that you know that it can’t be hosted on Facebook alone. You must utilize a 3rd part app to create your business’s FB contest, then lead the users to the app from the Facebook page.


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