Ways To Promote Electric Smokers In Different Digital Platforms

If there’s one way to promote or reach out to the world, it’s through the Internet. It is the fastest means through its endless possibilities of social media marketing, email marketing, and online marketing in general. This technology has helped people in promoting various products and courses, and it should also be done to promote electric smokers online.


Today, lots of people tend to use social networking sites daily. Millions of people use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Tumblr, etc. This is one way to reach out to the world, telling them about the great benefits of owning the electric smoker. A lot of people might not know the features of an electric smoker. People will need to realize that for customers to have a home cooked meal, the electric smoker is the way to go. But they might not know this unless they are being reached out to. They need to understand that the electric smoker has an automation system which can be used to schedule cooking periods where it automatically turns off once it’s time. Advertising this product and writing that as a feature is a green light! It is an easy way out that saves them from constantly checking if the meat or fish is already cooked or burnt due to forgetting to correct it.

Joining social media cooking groups and communities can help spread awareness about electric smokers. The promotional efforts will make people who want to make smoked dishes at home show interest in the product. By joining these groups, you can advertise by telling them how this one machine can be used to cook large food varieties- from smoked fish, vegetable, and Thanksgiving turkey. Also, one way to advertise electric smoker is through the use of social media ads. It helps achieve millions of views on the post about the electric smoker.


Sharing creative visual contents about the electric smoker can do it. Using images, videos, and various kinds of visual content have proven to be very useful on social media. YouTube is one of the most popular viewing platforms. A video of individual smoking meat using an electric smoker is good enough to promote the product. Right from the turning on of the electric smoker could attract customers. That starting point can make people see electric smokers as a way to skip the step of learning how to build and manage a fire in a traditional smoker. It rings a bell in customers heads about “time-saving” They won’t need to build and manage the fire.

Everyone wants a discount on a product. So, run deals and promo codes on social media! It is an excellent way to promote electric smoker. Providing exclusive deals to customers can keep them engaged all the time. On the website, doing “birthday specials” that give off 8% on the electric smoker for whoever is celebrating his or her birthday will keep customers determined to get that product. This is one great way to build online marketing. Running contests on social media can also attract attention. It is a subtle way of promoting electric smoker. It will drive awareness of the product.

Newsletters using emails is a good advertising method. Email marketing can help advertise the electric smoker to customers, especially those who bought a microwave, oven or even a traditional smoker from your store or through the website because they fall under the same utility category. An email stating why they should consider also getting an electric smoker will do. Telling them cold smoking and traditional barbeque can be done with the product makes them see the features and beauty of the product.

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